Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing strategy

Influence marketing could just be the next big thing in marketing. Though the practice has been around for some time, lately it’s getting more attention, and you don’t want to be left behind if you aim to achieve successful marketing. Web Performance Media is here to help you learn the ropes and do effective influencer marketing. We are ready to take up the influence marketing task so that you can focus more on your business.

Influence marketing can be used interchangeably with influencer marketing. The marketing gurus, however, prefer to draw the fine lines.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a partnership between a brand and an influencer to get an endorsement from the influencer. The brand aims to tap into the influencer’s following and use it to as a marketing base. So who is an influencer? What people know as influencers today is mostly celebrities who have massive social media following. This can be correct, but in the real sense, an influencer is someone who has grown a following in their respective niche. A good example is a fashion blogger who has established a following from people who are mainly concerned about fashion trends.

Celebrities have been used as influencers because they have many followers, but they may not be aligned to a specific kind of niche or content. However, doing influence marketing with them can yield good outcomes if it is done competently.

How To Make an Effective Influencer Campaign

Like all marketing campaigns, you need a plan to succeed in influencer marketing. And not just a plan but an excellent plan. First, understand your brand and know what people expect from you. This will be very essential in knowing where your target audience lies. You can then decide what kind of influencer is best for your services or products. If you are running a sports shop, then reaching out to Cristiano Ronaldo can be something to consider. For beauty products, Selena Gomez or models can be the influencers to turn to.

After doing the initial evaluation, you need to decide what platform you will advertise on. Many people have been associating influence marketing with Instagram. But there are many other social media platforms that you can use. YouTube is very useful if you find an influencer with a good following. Twitter and Pinterest are also other options to look at when you need to do IM.

Content Always Matters

IM may be viewed entirely as advertising. Not many people like ads though. Therefore you need to make good content and not just the conventional ad type of content. Create content that is useful to your prospects. Don’t make it the old kind where the celebrity or influencer directly endorses your brand. Tell a story. Let it be a kind of testimonial or a cleverly crafted script and the viewers will enjoy it rather than just brushing it aside as another ad.

Relevant content is what the market wants. It keeps them captivated and gives them a reason to choose you over your rivals. So it is not just about the hype and getting a good influencer. Think about what the audience wants and speak in their language so that they will associate with your promotion.

Measuring The Outcomes of Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

To measure the success of your outcomes, you need to have the parameters which can be studied. This will tell you whether the IM campaign brought more leads and conversions. Depending on your findings, you can then decide whether to improve the current campaign or change it altogether.

Web Performance Media Got You Covered

At Web Performance Media, we want to ensure that you have a successful influencer marketing campaign. We have the personnel and tools in place to take your advertisement to the next level.

Choose us, and you will get the best Influencer marketing services in Sydney and the rest of Australia. We will lay the strategy, help you find the best influencers and create the content you need to market your brand effectively. We will then make a schedule of the posts based on several market factors. As the plan is implemented, we will immediately start tracking the outcomes.

With us, you get a high level of professionalism and experience. Don’t be left behind. This is the year to reap the most out of influence marketing. Reach out to us today and make it happen.