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The world is now described as a global village, and without a doubt, one of the core drivers of this idea are the social media networks and for that reason, you need Social Media Marketing Experts. People have embraced social media on another level and taking advantage of this for the betterment of your business is something you shouldn’t miss out. Social media marketing can bring you loads and loads of traffic and eventually more sales and awareness, but it has to be in the right hands.

Web Performance Media is here to chaperone you through the social media walk. Having been in the field for a long time, we know what you can do to get the best out of the social media platforms. Your prospects are all over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat LinkedIn and all those social media channels out there. But it is up to you to find them, and that is what we want to help you achieve. With the right planning, you will get the many Australians on social media networks.

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Social Media Strategy

For you to reach to the online users on social media, you need to come up with an effective strategy. The strategy goes a long way. You first need to do a thorough assessment of your business and the niche you are operating in. After setting the objectives and doing feasibility studies, you can then kick-start the social media marketing. Have a plan of the content you want to share with people over a period of time. You also need to have your social media accounts linked to your website or blog so that what you post is conveyed to the social networks.

Let us be your guide to getting the best of social media. We will take you through some steps, and you will realise benefits.

Social Media Marketing That Works

Designing a plan to reach your brand’s goals

Crafting content that engage, educate and inspire

Turning your social media networks into a stable source of sales

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Active followers who are ready

to recommend your company to everyone

Brand mentions on social networks,

media, and search systems

Constant flow of good-quality


Strong brand image and


How We Achieve This

Interesting content

Expert, entertaining, and selling posts created from the heart in your TA’s language.

Catching design solutions

Posts and stories wrapped up in a way that leaves no chance of being missed (80 level pictures included)

Situational marketing

Careful following of all industry news to timely and wisely react to any event.

Community management

Contests, engaged discussions, and kind answers to every comment!

3D Virtual Tours

Smart analytics

Tracking the effectiveness of every action and correcting the promotion strategy until we reach the results needed.

360 degrees photos and videos

Effective advertising

Targeted ads, ads in communities, and influencer marketing. Budget allocation as if it were our own, with maximum outcome.

Our Plans


Package 1

Package 2

Package 3

Package 4

Content Strategy Development

Development of Social Media Strategy


Content Plan creation

Social Networks

Up to 6 Platforms

Up to 6 Platforms

Up to 6 Platforms

Up to 6 Platforms

Hashtag Choice

Distribution of Website Information to Social Networks

Situational Marketing

Story Creation and Publication (1 Story: Up to 10 Pictures/Photos)

5 Stories (Image/GIF)

7 Stories (Image/GIF)

10 Stories (Image/GIF)

12 Stories (Image/GIF)

Graphic Video

1 Graphic Video (Up to 30 Seconds)

2 Graphic Videos (Up to 30 Seconds)

Video Creation

1 Video (Up to 60 Seconds)

2 Videos (Up to 60 Seconds)

3 Videos (Up to 60 Seconds)

4 Videos (Up to 60 Seconds)


12 Posts with Customised Images

15 Posts with Customised Images

15 Posts with Customised Images

15 Posts with Customised Images

Blog Posts

1 Blog Post (1500 words)

2 Blog Post (1500 words)

3 Blog Post (1500 words)

4 Blog Post (1500 words)


1 Infographics

2 Infographics

Animated Images

1 Animated Image

2 Animated Image

3 Animated Image

4 Animated Image

Account Visual Concept Development


2 Options to Choose From

3 Options to Choose From

4 Options to Choose From

Background Image

2 Options to Choose From

3 Options to Choose From

4 Options to Choose From

Images for Posts

Unique Image Creation or Posts

Unique Image Creation or Posts

Unique Image Creation or Posts

Unique Image Creationor Posts

Community Management

Comment Answers




PM/DM Answers




Following Brand Mentions on Social Media


Ad Campaigns Managment

1 Advertising Campaign

Up to 3 Advertising Campaigns

Up to 6 Advertising Campaigns

Ad Creatives

Up to 5 Unique Ads

Up to 10 Unique Ads

Up to 20 Unique Ads

Distribution to the Most Relevant Thematic Communities on Facebook, Linkedin

Following and Engaging Campaigns

Blogger/Influencer Choice and Communication


1 Giveaway

1 Giveaway

Pushing to Trends

Social Media Newsletter

Newsletter Creation and Setup

Workflow Process Setup

Monthly Work Reporting

Monthly Work Reporting

End-to-End Analytics Setup to Track Social Media Sales

Social Media Strategy Created Just For You

At first contact, we set realistic objectives to be achieved in a given time. This comes after assessing the current situation of your social media integration. If you had no social media marketing initiatives, we will get you going, and if you want an improvement of what you have now, we will see what to retain.

We then craft a social media strategy and come up with the ideas of the content to put up on your social media accounts.

To ensure you are getting the best of your social media audience, we will also help you with setting up the ads for the different platforms, after deciding which is the best for you. We can help with setting up Facebook ads that deliver and also employ tactics within regulations to ensure that you spend what you can afford.

After making the strategies, we then roll out the plan and execute it. We are ready to take charge of the social media pages and handles so that we put up posts that have a marketing impact and those that communicate to the audience with the aim of taking them to the level of converting.

In order to rate our work and quantify the success achieved, frequent monitoring and evaluation will be of the essence. We will get you feedback from the online users and analyse the change in trends concerning our implementation of the social media integration plans.

This is your chance to take over social media. Contact us and make it happen.