Effective Video Marketing

Over 85% of the content online is Video. Are you already doing Video Marketing?

Want to attract more traffic that converts? Video marketing is one thing you need to prioritise because it has been estimated that video traffic in Australia is growing by over 20% every year. It is now a trending topic in digital marketing, but it is not all that simple and cheap. You might need some help, and a video marketing agency could come in handy. For the venture to be successful, you need to find the correct match between the content of the video, the preferences of your audience and the habits of your prospects.

Getting ahead of your competition needs you to be tactical in the way you adopt market trends. Video content defines the future of digital marketing. The businesses that have already tried it are reporting excellent outcomes. But that’s not to say that any video content will bear fruit. You have to do video marketing the right way. Incorporate it in your content marketing strategy and keep it in sync with the other aspects.

Why You Need Video Marketing

Does your business need video marketing? Whether it is a small local business or a large established one, video marketing is something that has a massive impact on conversions and sales. But because no marketing strategy will deliver to the maximum in isolation, internet video marketing will work well as a component of the entire blend. Here are the reasons why you need to go for online video marketing.

Videos Win You More Conversions

A landing page with a video is more likely to generate more conversions. This should be a video in context — a piece that elaborates on the products that feature on that specific page. It could be a ‘how to’ video or a testimonial. Something that makes the potential buyer want to use the product or service. Videos will get you more conversions but better still, they will lead to more sales. People who watch a video of a product or service are more likely to buy it. Get them to watch that video by placing it where they can find it and making it sweet for the search engines.

To enjoy the high conversion rates, your videos should be well targeted. Reach out to the right audience and you will be rewarded well for your efforts. At Web Performance Media, we help you make the best videos. Our Video SEO team then make sure that the videos are named with the right keywords and coded optimally. We publish video descriptions that attract traffic and input the required mark-up language.

Videos Are Becoming More Popular

Are you wondering if you really need video content for your marketing? Give people the option of reading a set of paragraphs or watching a video with similar content. Most of them will pick the video for obvious reasons. Reading seems to be too much work. So make a video and save the lazy person, who could be a prospect, all the trouble. Let the written content on your landing page be complemented with videos because that makes it more elaborate and complete. But even the lazy potential client won’t be impressed by low-quality videos. You need to create a piece that is appealing to grab their attention.

If you have long blog posts explaining something, it would be a nice idea to have a video that outlines the key points in the post. If you are launching a new product, a video could just be the perfect way to educate your audience about it.

A Massive Reach

Many people, would love to see their videos trending. But making a video go viral is not a walk in the park. Here’s the catch. A video that is interesting to watch is likely to get more shares on the internet, and that is how you get to reach more people. If you get it right with the creation and production, you will get more viewers, and your conversions will multiply. Because videos can get you more direct sales, then making interesting and explanatory video content will get you more sales.

When you have your videos on the right platforms where your potential clients are likely to be found, you will no doubt have a massive reach. People who find your content useful will share it with their followers even on other platforms. This way, you get to reach out to your prospects from all corners. What’s more, making video content unlocks a new portion of your prospects. Video SEO and high quality content will also give you the opportunity to get backlinks. This increases your brand authority. If your competitors haven’t started tapping from this pool of potentials, then you will have discovered a gold mine. Video content will announce your presence to a whole new audience and what better thing could happen for your business.

Lower Bounce Rates

Make an excellent video that engages and captivates. It will be shared, and you will notice people flocking your site. What’s more, they will be staying on your website longer, and this tells search engines that you have some meaningful content that the internet users are loving. Google wants to deliver the best to its consumers. This is how video marketing will raise your rankings to the top of Google’s search engine result pages. If you are offering quality, then you deserve the top ranks. So video marketing has this as one of its long-term effects.

Many businesses which have turned to video marketing are reporting lower bounce rates. This is because people understand what they are offering and they are ready to explore the other pages of the website to learn more. Making engaging videos that communicate with the prospect directly puts you at the forefront. At WPM, we help you make videos that are informative and educative as well. Our clients have had better responses from their clients after putting up video content.

Excellent Video Content Marketing

To get the maximum out of Video Marketing, you have to do it right. Our video marketing agency will help you come up with content that appeals to your audience. Here are the tips to help you make videos that will increase your traffic and the time people spend on your web pages.

  • The quality of the videos you publish should be unmatched. You need to put together high quality videos and sound to produce world class content that people will enjoy watching. Besides the graphics and sound, you also need to have the right script. Write a script that gives value to your users. Put everything in context and blend creativity and precision. We understand that making quality videos requires resources. As a digital marketing agency, we have sourced for the best resources to help you create extraordinary videos.
  • The platforms you choose to post on will also influence the outcome of your marketing campaign. Choose the platforms that have your target audience. Be sure to be able to monitor the progress of the videos when you publish them.
  • You have to ensure that the videos reach far and wide. You can rely on your organic traffic but you should also top up with promotions and ads. Promoting your content with the correct targeting skills will ensure you get a broader reach.
  • The video snippets and summary has to be optimised with the right SEO techniques to get the best results.
  • To get high conversion rates, you need to get your targeting right. Ensure that you are showing your content to people who really need it. This can be achieved by doing good market research.


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A marketing video will only bring return on investment if it is well made. At Web performance Media, we want you to win video traffic that is steadily growing in numbers. Let us make you a marketing video that suits its purpose. We have the expertise to bring out videos that are appealing to your target audience.

Your potential consumers don’t want 100% marketing videos. You have to it bring to them subtly. Make videos that tell the story of what you are offering but not those that tell the consumers to buy from the first second.

Besides, videos need to have their SEO components well embedded. The descriptions need to have the keywords, and the video should be in context.

We have the tools to ensure that you get top level video production as well as excellent video quality.

We also help in decision making on the placement of the video content. Based on the nature of your business, we will place the videos on prime platforms. Whether it is YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or just your landing pages, we want to give you the best.

Before we settle down to make the videos, we use our marketing understanding to come up with an effective video marketing strategy. We then monitor the outcome of the videos and analyse the trends to find the areas that need improvement.

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