Viral Marketing

Content marketing strategy

Making videos is one of the marketing strategies that you can use to promote your products and even increase sales. Making the video might not be an arduous task. However, making the video go viral is the real uphill task yet this is what would determine how wide your message is going to be spread. Web Performance Media is here to help you with video marketing by offering what you need to propel the videos to your intended audience.

You would probably assume that people prefer watching a video to reading some lengthy content. Even though the statement holds water, not all videos you make are going to be a success if you don’t have the right tactics in place.

Sometimes, the videos that go viral happen to do so incidentally. Probably the creator didn’t think it would turn out to be this big. That is why most of the elements of viral marketing are looked at in retrospect. People will try to make a video viral by applying what a successful video had. Let’s try to make it simple and look at the general aspects.

How To Make A Video Go Viral

Want your video to be trending? Well, you don’t have to depend on sheer luck. Doing some previous work might just guarantee you the viral status. Here is what you need to keep in mind.

Tone Down The Promotional Messages

Remember the last viral video of a brand or product that you saw? Think about the Coca-Cola ads on TV. They’re not full of praise for the product. The actions in the video tell the viewers the story without necessarily forcing it down their throats. In fact, most of the adverts might not be so clear on what product they are associated with from the start. The message is slowly sent home. Maybe just a few lines at the tail end mentioning the product. Sometimes, even just the image of the product being advertised is enough to wrap it up.

A Script That Stirs Emotions

Most of the viral videos are either very funny or have this deep message that the viewer can actually relate to. It has to stir up some feeling. A good video is one that takes a storyline and brings it out vividly. And that way, you get more people to know about your product in such a unique way. Write a narration that will leave people thinking about the video and wanting to see more of it.

Awareness Before Sales

In making a viral video, what you need to aim for first is creating awareness. Use all those tactics to make people know about what you are offering because that is easier to do in an exciting way. After the awareness, you can than then tell them to buy or call a specific number. But don’t go straight to the sales because that has never been appealing.

Your Audience

Imagine doing all you can and coming up with a very nice video that has the potential to go viral and then keeping it to yourself or sharing it with your friend who is so dormant on social media. How is it going to get the views? You need some great following to start with. That’s why celebrities with so many followers can make you trend in a few hours. This is one reason you might need some good backing to get your videos to the top.

Complementary Content

A video linked to content on a web page or a blog has the potential to get more followers because people coming for the content are likely to view the video also. Therefore having some form of complementary content is a good thing to do. Neil Patel, for instance, does blogs on SEO and also spices it up with YouTube videos.

Besides the content, you need to put up the videos in the right way. Include components of SEO. Put the keywords in the URL of the video and the meta description, and it will get those good rankings you desire.

As you can see, viral marketing is a process. It starts from the video making, posting it on the right platforms and a host of other tactics. We are here to help you achieve your goals by making the videos with a marketing strategy in mind so that you are not only trending but also getting more leads.