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Get the best Search Engine Optimisation Services in Sydney & Australia and access to Experienced & Professional SEO Consultants. We will help you get more organic traffic to your site to increase your leads & sales.

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Your Search Engine Optimisation strategy is what makes the difference. You need a plan that will take you above your competitors. It has to be comprehensive, including the different ways to get targeted traffic and how to maintain top positions.

At Web Performance Media, we share the passion for the growth of your business and we have the best search engine optimisation consultants to take your business to the next level.

Some SEO companies in Australia give you empty promises and set unrealistic goals only to end up in disappointment. Here’s one with a difference. We guarantee growth and a rise in profits because we create working strategies.

Google keeps updating its algorithms, and you don’t want to be caught on the wrong side because of poor optimisation practices. Such mistakes can be costly. We are here to ensure you get it right.

We Analyse to Optimise 

Our initial steps in Search Engine Optimisation involve thorough analysis. The first thing is to lay down the objectives. We then look at essential elements such as your business environment, the market forces, and emerging trends in your niche. Get In Touch with us anytime for a free consultation. 

We then run a website audit and see what is lacking and what can be enhanced to keep up the pace with your competitors. We analyse the web pages, the overall site structure, and the content you have. Then we determine what can be improved based on competitor analysis and SEO metric analysis.

Understanding your market is critical in the growth process. This involves looking for keywords that are relevant to your niche in order to drive traffic that can convert.

To get more traffic and more prospects coming your way, a combination of human skill and sophisticated keyword analysis tools is critical.

From our analysis, we create a strategy that will propel you to the top. We come up with a comprehensive plan on all aspects of your site that influence your rankings and conversion. Ours is a holistic approach in ensuring you get what is right to achieve optimum growth of your business.

The Relevance Of Your Traffic

Good website rankings are an excellent thing to achieve. But what are rankings without leads and conversions? The relevance of your traffic is crucial because only then,  you get to get a return on your investment.

We want you to get traffic that ends up buying your services or goods. At the end of the day, you can look at your SEO campaign and see the positive impact it has brought to your business.

This starts with doing an excellent job in analysis and understanding where to find your prospects. Google rewards you more if you have a lower bounce rate, and this comes when people find relevant info for them on your site.

Understanding that every business is unique is vital. It is not a case of one-fits-all, and we create unique ranking and lead-generation strategies for each client.

Integrating Organic Traffic with Other Marketing Tools 

Page Optimisation of costs and grabbing opportunities gives you the edge. With SEO, it is all about tying everything together and making a strategy that incorporates other components of traffic generation.

You need a strategy that integrates paid traffic, social media marketing and organic traffic generation. The goals are achieved faster, and you can easily track the returns of the different channels.

Integration is a nice way of winning more conversions because you bring relevant traffic from different sources.

Content Quality Is Key For SEO

How do you communicate with your audience? The content you have on your website influences the views of your clients towards your business. Having relevant and informative content helps in the growth of your brand authority. You can then start seeing a better outcome in terms of conversions.

The best content conveys a message to your audience in the right way. Being diverse in your communication is also crucial for reaching out to different groups of prospects.

To come up with content that appeals to your audience, you need a thorough background search and an understanding of everything going on in the market.

Moreover, the content you put up on your site should be guided by thorough research and the understanding of your audience. The content should be authentic, original and top quality. Include the keyword phrases naturally and create content that solves problems and adds value. With this, you can place your site in a position to win more traffic as well as backlinks.

Why Web Performance Media Is Your SEO Company of Choice 

At Web Performance Media, we are a team of experienced experts with an in-depth understanding of search engine optimisation. Our aim is not to drive traffic to your website but to bring targeted traffic because we are happy to see you getting better returns.

White hat SEO is the only way we do things by staying within the rules of the game. We regularly check out for any Google updates through active surveillance and analysis. We set clear and realistic goals and work to achieve them in good time.

We have worked with many companies in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Gold Coast. Our team has recorded top performances thanks to their deep understanding of the regional dynamics. Because we are based in Australia, you can be sure to get targeted traffic with high chances of converting.

Data is gold and we are always collecting information and doing analysis to keep our clients on top of their game. We understand that constant monitoring of the executed plans is what helps you keep the top positions on SERPs and ultimately brings in more profits.

Web Performance Media offers a whole range of services to help you grow. Our diversity drives your performance. We make SEO campaign strategies, and we also do PPC and social media marketing. Tying this together eventually helps business owners to get a real return on investment.

As an agency, we are 100% flexible, doing all we can to meet the needs of our clients. We maintain constant communication and establish good relations with our clients. This helps us understand our clients better and know what they would like to achieve with our help.

SEO Packages




On & Off - Site Optimisation

On & Off - Site Optimisation

On & Off - Site Optimisation

Local Listing Optimisation (1x weekly posts)

Local Listing Optimisation (2x weekly posts)

Local Listing Optimisation (4x weekly posts)

1x Blog Post Creation per month.

2x Blog Post Creation per month.

4x Blog Post Creation per month.

1x DA20+ Guest Posting per month

1x DA30+ Guest Posting per month

1x DA40+ Guest Posting per month

Monthly Competition Analysis

Monthly Competition Analysis

Monthly Competition Analysis

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Sitemap Optimisation

Sitemap Optimisation

Sitemap Optimisation

10 Keywords

15 Keywords

20 Keywords

Alt Tag Optimisation

Alt Tag Optimisation

Alt Tag Optimisation

Google Analytics Account

Google Analytics Account

Google Analytics Account

Sitemap Creation & Indexation

Sitemap Creation & Indexation

Sitemap Creation & Indexation

Monitoring & analysing results

Monitoring & analysing results

Monitoring & analysing results

Submit & Index on Google

Submit & Index on Google

Submit & Index on Google

Basic Website Speed Optimisation

Advanced Website Speed Optimisation

Advanced Website Speed Optimisation

Title & Description Optimisation

Title & Description Optimisation

Title & Description Optimisation

Local Business Listing

Advanced Local Business listing

Advanced Local Business Listing

Social Bookmarks

Social Bookmarks

Private Stock Link Building


How Much Does SEO Cost?

Our packages start from $800 to $3,000 per month. The cost of optimising your website depends on several factors. Each client has unique needs, and we can’t have a generalised price for everyone. The amount of work that needs to be done varies from website to website.

To determine the pricing, we look at things like:

Your Currents Position 

How far are you from the top or what is the gap between your current position and the goals you have set? Based on this, we can establish what needs to be done to bridge the gap and take you to a competitive position.

Your Industry

Your niche or industry also defines how much it will cost you for search engine optimisation. If you are working in a very competitive environment where you have to be vigilant to win clients, then you need a little more effort.

Your current site structure and layout may need several tweaks, and this means that the cost of doing SEO has to be customised for each client. When you come to us, we will explain what needs to be done for you, and we give you a comprehensive breakdown of the costs. We will listen to you and make adjustments based on your budget, but we don’t compromise on the quality of service.


When Will I Start Seeing the Results?

Search engine optimisation, unlike paid advertisement, can take some time to bring results, but that’s not to mean you have to wait for a lifetime. You will not obviously jump from position a hundred to the top ten overnight.

Once we have access to your website, we will do a thorough analysis of the entire website and then assess each webpage. We will then start doing the necessary tweaks and monitor the different metrics. We promise that you will start seeing some change once we are in control. Over time, this translates into substantial rankings and improved traffic. We will share with you all the information and explain to you the stepwise growth that we aim to achieve.

In a matter of weeks, you can start seeing some improvements but to say that you will get to page one in the blink of an eye is being overambitious.

Will You Help Me Get Backlinks?

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Backlinks are an essential part of any SEO campaign. When people link to your site, it means you have relevant content that offers solutions to problems. But it is not just about having all the sites linking to yours. You need to have the right links.

Google has algorithms for picking out the bad links, and this can affect your rankings negatively. Having the right links also ensures that you get targeted traffic visiting your website. The quality of a link is analysed based on the type of niche that you operate in. If Google finds out that you have been using backdoor methods such as paying for links or getting reciprocal links, you can be penalised.

We have the right people and the necessary resources to help analyse the quality of your current links so that we can make improvements. We also do all we can to get links from sites which are mentioning your webpages without linking to them.

Because we understand the importance of link building, we have invested heavily in helping our clients get quality links so that they stay competitive on the market.

Why Do I need SEO?

Search engine optimisation is an essential component of your business advertising mix because today, almost everyone searches for something online before they buy it. Without SEO, you’re missing out on a considerable portion of your prospects.

By using the proper optimisation techniques, you increase your online visibility, increase your ranks and ultimately, you get more business. The beauty of SEO is that you get rewarded for offering quality content with traffic and leads without having to pay Google or any other search engine. Unlike PPC, search engine optimisation aims to bring organic traffic to your site. Organic traffic tends to convert even better than paid traffic. You need a good integration between paid and organic to attract as much business as possible.

The main reason why you need search engine optimisation is that many people are looking online for products and services all the time. You need to have excellent online visibility to get more leads and generate more profits. Therefore, with the right campaign and targeting, you will get more leads and more revenue.

Which Businesses Do You Work With? 

We work with many kinds of businesses, big and small. Big companies might have the advantage of having been in the market for a long time and a reputation. However, to stay relevant in the game, you have to be up to speed with any new developments. Being complacent can be detrimental to any business. One thing even the established big-name companies shouldn’t risk is losing the online audience.

For small companies, you have to be proactive to stay at the top because competition can be tight. The desire to grow also drives your hunger to get more leads, and this is why you need an SEO firm that understands what it means to go to new highs. We do local SEO which ensures that you rank high in your region and have a client base from around. Optimising your site for the local audience ensures that you get well-targeted traffic. These are the people with who you can foster strong relations with and get many loyal clients out of them.

During the years, we have also worked with start-ups, and our campaigns have been a success. Starting a business needs some patience and strong will. We help start-ups announce their presence in the market and gain a great following from the client base. All it takes is a good strategy and meticulous planning.

We work with companies from different niches ranging from entertainment, recruitment services, hospitality, health, real estate and many more.

Will You Change My Website?

Based on data and recommendations, we only do the relevant changes to your website with your permission. We understand that you have your preferences. Any changes that we have to make will be for the good of your business. Some of the changes we do are code changes and content updates, but we don’t always have to tweak the website layout.

In this era, where everyone is competing for the attention of the audience online, it is best to understand some of the things within your website structure, which might be pulling you down. Clients don’t want a website with slow load speed. The coding language you use and the presence of mark-up language all affect the conveyance of information to your audience.

Some clients prefer doing the tweaks themselves, and to this, we don’t object. We will still do the analysis and send you the changes in an easy-to-implement format. Most of our clients prefer that we do the changes ourselves and allow us access to their websites. Whatever suits you will be okay with us.

What Is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO refers to using shady methods to get Google rankings. It is a way of deceiving the machines so that you get to rank through shortcuts. This can be tempting because you think it brings instant results. But Google has been getting smarter by the day, and it catches up with most of the perpetrators of black hat SEO.

When you practice black hat methods, you run the risk of being slapped with penalties. These can take you back very many steps because now you have to start over again. It is advisable to use white hat methods, and that is what we practice, always.




Our Work

SEO Case Study

We take our client’s privacy very seriously so we don’t reveal names and numbers in the following examples. However, we would like to show you in a very clear way, how our SEO Services helped out client’s increase their organic traffic significantly.

Very often we receive the same question: How long will it take to see my business in the first position. The real answer is: Nobody knows, if they tell you a specific time frame, be careful. Two things are for sure:

  1. Nobody can know how long will it take – Whereas it’s true we can certainly give you an estimation based on a large number of factors like: Website, Content, Competition, Website Speed, Host and the list goes on and on, Nobody got a 100% accurate answer. We would love to have a chat with you about this and give you a full SEO Market Analysis and a few estimations.
  2. Whereas it’s true we can’t give you an exact date and numbers on rankings, its 100% sure that if you’re not doing any SEO activity, your ranks will not only decline but your competitors will rise and they will get the business from you in this very competitive search fight.

Case 1

Case 2

Case 3

Case 4